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create a food safety program

About FoodSmart

FoodSmart is a standard food safety program, registered by Department of Health. FoodSmart is designed for use by class 2 retail and food service businesses in Victoria, which are required under the Food Act 1984 to have a food safety program.

A Food Safety Program sets out what you do to keep food safe in your business, including what can go wrong and what you should do if it does. 

By answering simple questions about what your food business does, FoodSmart will construct a Food Safety Program matching your the food handling activities of your business.

Note: FoodSmart is not designed for use by meat, seafood or dairy businesses, such as a butchers or fishmongers, manufacturers or vending machines, as these businesses types have different requirements. Please check with the relevant authority to find out more.


Select "Create a food safety program" Step 1.
Create a user account. Step 2.
Answer questions about the your food business and then download your FoodSmart food safety program. Step 3.

Where can I get help?

If you are unsure whether FoodSmart is the right food safety program template for your business, you should contact your local council environmental health officer (EHO) for help. Find your council using the Know Your Council website:

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