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Support Programs

This feature of the FoodSmart site allows you to view summary information about the various support programs. The following sections are relevant to all businesses:

Food allergens, intolerances and general information for customers

Goal: Protect customers with food allergies or intolerances by avoiding cross-contamination and providing accurate information about the presence of allergens and those foods or ingredients to which some people are intolerant.

Cleaning and sanitising

Goal: Ensure food preparation surfaces and equipment are kept clean and sanitised.

Supervision of food handlers

Goal: Ensure that everyone who handles food has the skills and knowledge needed to provide safe food and meet all food safety requirements.

Food handlers’ responsibilities

Goal: Ensure everyone who handles food understands and practices good personal hygiene.

Thermometers and equipment

Goal: Ensure that all equipment is well maintained, and that thermometers and temperature measuring equipment are used and calibrated correctly.
The following record applies:
To check Record How often
Accuracy of equipment Record 5: My probe thermometer accuracy checks
(~6.76 MB, pdf)
Record the result of at least one check of each thermometer conducted in each year.

Pest control

Goal: Ensure that food is secure and protected from pests.

Food recalls and waste disposal

Goal: Ensure your responses to food recalls are prompt and that waste is removed frequently from your premises.

Time control

Goal: Ensure cooked and ready-to-eat food (high-risk food) does not remain at room temperature for long enough to become unsafe.