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FoodSmart is a Department of Health approved template that allows different types of food retail and food service businesses to develop their own Food Safety Program. By answering simple questions about what your food business does, FoodSmart will construct a Food Safety Program tailored to your business activities.

A completed Food Safety Program helps explain what you should do to keep food safe in your business, including what can go wrong and what you should do if it does.

If you operate a meat or seafood or dairy business, such as a butchers or fishmongers, you will have different requirements. Please check the About FoodSmart page to find out more.

A FoodSmart Food Safety Program consists of four steps. Step 1 asks you to enter your business details (this is an optional step). Step 2 requires you to answer questions about your business practices. Step 3 is the review step where you can add extra information, if required. Step 4 provides you with the option to select your preferred records.

Each of the steps has its own help section, which you can access by clicking the "Help" button. Help